Sunday, January 22, 2006

"Shanghai Flower"
Painting by Andrew C.C. Huang

"The Religion of beauty"
Poem by Andrew C.C. Huang

The religion of beauty is so all-powerful
that we are all once its disciples

beauty is deceiving --
in that it deceives the beholders into believing that
beauty equates virtue
no matter how many times you have fallen
into the trap of this deadly but lovely deception
but oh who can forget the soul-elevating electric wattage
one feels when beauty's glimmer of a smile
shines upon one's ordinary face

beauty is rarely innocent
for its owners are always aware of its power
but they have slowly mastered the craft
of radiating beauty whilst feigning innocence
because the combination of beauty and innocence
is the most powerful elixir
that is capable of leaving everyone enchanted and inebriated
sending them up the mountain and down into the sea
for the sake of protecting this preciously innocent beauty

beauty's traitors are rarely self-willed
they often abandon this powerful religion
when their hearts have been hurt by the
cunny calculation behind a beauty's smile
but when beauty's glow comes around and shines on them again
they come back -- faithful defenders of beauty as ever


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