Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"A Duet by Myself"
Poem by Andrew C.C. Huang

Tonight, I am lonesome and alone
I keep thinking of you
You who are far away and yet so close
Tonight, I am alone in this dimly lit apartment
I simply have to sing a duet by myself

A love song duet is sung by two persons in love
Since you are not here tonight,
I have to raise my voice -- in danger of breaking my voice --
To imitate your soprano voice
Then I have to maintain my lower tenor voice, to sing about my yearning for you

However, my voice is not the only one that is portraying two roles tonight
My hands become substitutes of your love
My two hands, dexterous, handle the microphone by turns
Singing a duet by myself

I raise my rise hand to sing about my longing for you
My left hand tells me that the body is the embodiment of love,
As if possessed by your soul
I hand over the microphone to my left hand
My left hand urges me to sing of my unconditional love for you
While my right hand caress my forlorn heart, as if haunted by you

However, a duet by oneself is really not a very great idea
How does one handle the part where two voices join and harmonize, exactly?
So this duet by myself ends up being a love song gone awry
-- even though beautiful, poetic, and unflinchingly romantic

As I go on to finish this duet by myself
The grand finale emerges, where two voices join and soar through the sky
So the spirit of love comes -- the emotional release comes -- the love comes tumbling down
So it’s a duet by myself tonight.
When you are back, I don’t have to play two roles anymore

"一人獨唱合唱曲 "
詩作 黃執虔

今夜 我孤獨自對
你在遠處 又似乎?息身邊
今夜 我獨處於這昏暗的公寓中

我拉高我聲線 差點要破喉
然後再用我的男低音 唱出我對你的想念
不過 今夜不只我的嗓音在一人獨唱合唱曲
雙手 敏捷熟練 輪流握著麥克風
而右手正輕撫我孤寂的心 好似中了你的魔
但是 一人獨唱合唱曲中又不是好法子
一人怎麼唱雙唱部分呢 有點頭痛
雖然依舊 美麗 詩意 無可救藥的羅曼蒂克
華麗的尾聲來臨 雙聲盤旋直沖天霄
愛的靈魂現身 感情的舒發 愛如聖水泉湧
所以 今晚我一人獨唱合唱曲
等你回來時 我又不必一人擔任兩角了


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