Sunday, January 22, 2006

"Between Time and Thought"

Painting by Andrew C.C. Huang


(Originally printed in Chien Quan Poetry Quaterly)

Between Thought and Time

The tug of war between thought and time
Cruel...and never-ending
Time is an all-powerful god
patiently awaiting
for our
youth to ebb, cheek blush to fade, and intelligence to weaken
Our thoughts always crave for beauty and eternity
The river of time continues to flow
Watches and clocks dancing in the sky
Constantly reminding us how trivial and transient our existence are
Luckily there is that candle light in front of the window of eternity
Memory -- it always records your beauty and laughters we once share
Memory will always be there, before and after death, until eternity

詩作 黃執虔

殘酷 永無止境的戰爭
年華老去 紅顏退色 智力衰退
鐘與錶滿天飛舞 時時提醒我們的微不足道與短暫
還好 在永恆的窗口前有盞明燈
記憶 永遠記錄著你的美麗及我們曾有的歡笑
記憶永遠存在 死亡之前或之後 直到永遠


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