Monday, January 23, 2006

Painting by Andrew C.C. Huang

"You Are Right After All"

Poem by Andrew C.C. Huang

When I encountered your beloved one
And smiling politely and chat to him
I finally realized that you were right after all
He is the one for you --- and I am not.

How many sleepless nights I have spent wondering about your intention and calculation
Teasing me with your sunflower smiles and alienating me with you tantrums
I walked on the tight rope of suspense for six months for you
Only to find out a story with no ending

Now that fate has led our paths to cross again
After I have almost forgotten about you
And I found out in the most astonishing surprise
That you have loved me after all

You are right after all
Should you have stayed with me, you would only have lived in unfulfillness
He is the one for you – who will bring you happiness
Should you have stayed with me, you would have strayed into a difficult path
Too painful for what you are born for

When I see your beloved one
And realized that I have stood in your way to your path of happiness
My heart aches so, because I have loved you so much
And then I realized that your sunflower smiles were never fated for me

You are right after all
When you taught me the difference between“tantamount”and“paramount”
Tantamount is your passion to your beloved one
Paramount is the love I have place on you even if you have returned passion unapproved

Now that fate will bring our paths apart again
And I finally realize that you are right after all
Only after a heartache so strong will I grow stronger and more mature
To go on with my path to look for another sunflower smile

You are right after all
Only afte my heart is bruised so heavily
Will I realize that
If I love someone, I have to set her free and wish her happiness

That night at the beach when sea waves splashed onto us
when our tears become undistinguishable from the wave droplets
I realized in agony that our forbidden love would never come through
for we come from two different worlds that would never connect

You are right after all
I wish you all the joy and happiness
I am not the one for you
But I want you to fly across the vast sea of hurdles and shackles
to find your beloved and happiness


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